PET Packaging Network

Complete probiotic yogurt manufacturing and packaging line

Back in 2017, we announced FBN (Food & Beverage Processing Network) as a parallel project to PPN (PET Packaging Network) to support the sale of packaging equipment with Food and Beverage processing equipment.

PET Packaging Network, Food & beverage Processing NetworkWe have recently quoted a project for the Middle East region, which combines both FBN and PPN products. The project consists of a complete line for the production and packaging of probiotic yoghurt, starting from powdered milk as the main raw material.

The scope of our proposal is for a turnkey project (not including the industrial plant) with all the equipment and machinery necessary to obtain the final packaged product.

This type of yoghurt is packaged in small 100 ml bottles, made of PE material by using extrusion-blowing machines.

Just as a reminder, through FBN, we can offer equipment for brewing beer and alcoholic beverages, carbonated beverages, milk powder, tea, coffee, milk and juice. We can also offer equipment for the production of foodstuffs, such as pasta, snacks or prepared dishes, legumes, leafy vegetables and tubers, or fish and molluscs, among others.