PET Packaging Network

Used machinery

The most suitable solutions to meet production requirements do not always correspond with newly manufactured equipment, but rather depends on the characteristics of a given project project, the available budget and the specific needs at the time of purchase.

From our experience, we have noticed that many times the best solution for our customers, and the one which provides greater value, is to buy a used machine and make the necessary adjustments along with the development of new sets of molds.

As a result of this situation, at PET Packaging Network we decided to expand our solutions’ portfolio covering used machinery (injection, blowing and/or filling machines), thus aiming to providing a service to this particular market segment. We can work closely together with our customers to provide the machinery that better meets their requirements, while developing the respective sets of molds for the specific machine to fully adjust it to their needs.

In the event that any such solution were needed, do not hesitate to contact with us.