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East Asian 2018 New Year Celebrations

As we leave behind the New Year celebrations in our Western culture, it is good to remember that East Asia, as governed by the Lunisolar calendar, is approaching the change of year at this point in time. Normally, the celebration takes place in late January or early February.

In 2018 the changing of year in East Asian cultures is celebrated on February the 16th and corresponds to the Year of the Earth Dog, according to their astrology.

It is important to remember that much like our New Year’s celebrations, these dates in the region are very important and people often take 2 to 4 weeks of vacations used for traveling to their home villages to see relatives and acquaintances. Therefore, during such celebrations, all business with China, Taiwan or South Korea, for example, will be affected by these circumstances, which may result in unforeseen delays.

At PET Packaging Network we work closely with suppliers from Asia, as well as from Europe, and we would like to wish the suppliers in the East Asian region our best wishes for this coming year.

For those customers with whom we have projects with Chinese, Taiwanese or South Korean suppliers, for example, we ask for patience during these dates as New Year’s celebrations and the Spring Festival take place.