PET Packaging Network

Innovative option for PET injection-blowing

For the poduction of PET bottles and jars, it is necessary to undertake two main processes: injection & blowing. An alternative to this 2-stage process is to combine them through an injection-blowing machine. This alternative is well suited for jars with bigger neck diameters, lightweighting, hot-fill and large containers.

Through this process, it is possible to reduce the energy consumption, the amount of resources spent for packaging, storage and transport of the preforms, the disponibility of preforms in the market is not a limitant and the obtained light and clarity of the material are superior.

CYPET Technologies is a Cyprus established company, which adopted this technology and took it one step further by implementing its very own patented process. It offers additional benefits such as lower capital investment, low energy consumption (saving up to 40% energy consumption for the hydraulic movements), and reduced time for a complete mold change. Moreover, it offers more production flexibility, allowing to work with a great range of sizes, form factors and neck diameters within the same machine.

By cooperation between the two companies, PET Packaging Network puts at your disposition this technology offering 8 machine models, 3 of wich are all-electric (suitable for producing in clean-room conditions). They are capable of producing bottles from 30 mililiters up to 60 liters and jars up to 220 milimeters neck diameter. Furthermore, a complete mold change only takes between 2 to 3 hours as opposed to the 4 to 8 hours it takes in conventional machines, thus resulting in great production flexibility.