PET Packaging Network

Recycling lines for plastics

In Latin America, several countries have already begun to take legal measures to reduce the unnecessary use of plastics in the industry. In fact, a dozen countries in the region have already implemented pioneering measures against the use of plastic bags and other disposable plastic elements.

In light of this market trend, alternatives such as biodegradable resins have already begun being offered, although they are very recent materials and some of them are still under active development.

Given this scenario, plastic recycling is an alternative to bear in mind. Materials such as PET, PE, PS, PP, or PVC could be recycled into sheet or pellets through the extrusion process.

Recycled PET (rPET), for example, can again be used for food applications that require the material being incontact with food or beverages.

On the other hand, plastics such as PE or PS can be recycled and extruded directly as foamed or expanded material which is used for packaging, trays or other applications.

PVC, in turn, can be extruded into tubes for the production of plastic pipes.

At PET Packaging Network, we can offer this type of solutions, providing complete recycling lines for various application scenarios. In this case, we work with suppliers in Taiwan, offering good performance and very high quality equipment.

In addition, we are working on supplying bio-resins with different suppliers from China and Taiwan.