PET Packaging Network


As to complement our actual products & solutions’ portfolio for the industry, we can offer resins (especially PET resins but not only), with the possibility to offer open credit for which cases it may apply.

These resins are from a diversity of types and sources, and may be used for its application in CSD’s, water, isotonic drinks, juices, oils, house cleaning products, pharmaceutical products, etc. They comply with Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola and/or FDA quality standards with its respective approvals.

Additionally, we have also the possibility to offer Polyethylene and Polypropylene for its different applications.

The supply of resins completes the wide range of products and solutions we can offer to our clients, thus accompanying them in the first stage of the production process as well. This way, PET Packaging Network may serve the total of the productive chain, including the know-how, the equipment and raw materials needed to bring your projects to good term.