PET Packaging Network

Chinese New Year 2017

China’s calendar is lunisolar, therefore, they celebrate the passing of the year on a different date than we do in western cultures. This year’s celebrations take place on January 28th, as the year of the rooster begins according to their zodiac signs.

Because of the close relationship we maintain between  PET Packaging Network and our Chinese manufacturers, we want to take this opportunity to extend our warmest greetings to our associates in China and wish them a Happy New Year full of joy, prosperity and good fortune.

We seize the opportunity as well to remind our customers that because of this, all PPN’s activity involving Chinese-made equipment will be reduced to a minimum during the 2 weeks following the 01/28, same as happens during our western Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. Regarding European-made equipment, the company’s activity takes place as usual. We hope you can understand the inconveniences that this may cause.