PET Packaging Network

Chinese-made blow molding machines with high-end features

Regarding Asian blowing equipment, PET Packaging Network mainly works with Yusheng Mold & Machinery (YUS). With whom we maintain a professional relationship that goes back several years offering their machinery in our markets. Their products are of great quality and bring highly competitive prices.

Recently YUS has unveiled a series of new developments such as blow molding machines whith replaced hydraulic components in favor of servomotors, machines for large formats and Quick Change systems for molds.

– Servo Systems:

This equipment replace the entire hydraulic components in favor of using the more efficient servomotors. This can be applied to blowers of 4, 6 and up to 9 cavities. The use of servo motors improves the production speed, the precision in the movements and allows to store up to 200 process sheets for different bottles in the control panel.

– Blow molding machines for large formats and QMC:

YUS blow molding machines BX-S4-L and BX-5000-2 allow the production of up to 3 liters (4 cavities) and 6 liters (2 cavities) bottles respectively.

These machines can also adopt a Quick Mold Change (QMC) system with cylindrical shaped shell molds. Due to the added thickness when using such systems, the BX-S4-L reduces its maximum capacity (with QMC molds) to 1.2L and the BX-5000-2 to 3L.

The Quick Change system is a joint development between both YUS and iMade. The latter has extensive experience and knowledge in the provision of molds for the main European machines on the market.