PET Packaging Network

Lunar New Year 2019

As we resume working in the West after the New Year’s Eve festivities, it is worth remembering that in Asia these festivities are still close at hand. This is so, because while Western countries use the Gregorian Calendar, in Asia many countries continue to use the traditional Lunisolar Calendar.

This year the transition of the Lunar Year is celebrated on the 5th of February, marking the beginning of the year of the pig. Companies are already preparing to receive the next Lunar New Year, and as such, several of our suppliers in the region will be closing towards the end of January/beginning of February as the festivities unfold.

Normally, companies are closed for about 2 weeks, although sometimes it may be longer. As during our festivities, all employees have vacations and leave the factories to travel to their home villages and gather with their families.

At PET Packaging Network, we would like to extend greetings to our suppliers in the region and wish them a Happy New Year full of prosperity and good fortune. We also remind our customers with whom we handle projects with Asian suppliers that due to the Lunar New Year celebrations and the Spring Festival, some projects during these dates may take longer than normal.