PET Packaging Network

Ingredients for the production of beer

Craft beer continues to grow in popularity and is reaching greater importance in the whole industry at an international level. The phenomenon of artisanal beer is such that even the big breweries are looking for a way to expand to the ‘Craft Beers’ market. The current offer is as varied as there are brewers in the market and each brings something different to the table.

True to our commitment towards expanding our capabilities to better serve the market, at PET Packaging Network we have complemented our offer of brewing equipment (capable of meeting the needs of both large and small breweries). Today, we can also offer the ingredients for brewing beers.

The grain can be supplied from abroad, being able to offer different varieties according to the preferences of each client. If you are interested in the supply of these ingredients, we can evaluate the possibility of offering a small sample free of charge, in order to prepare a micro-batch and check first hand the quality of the material offered.