PET Packaging Network

Aseptic filling systems

Aseptic filling is a special filling process, which offers long shelf-life to the bottled product without using preservatives but ensuring a highly reliable sterilization. This process is recommended for a wide range of packagings (be it PET, HDPE or glass) and products such as milk, juice, tea or coffee to mention a few of them.

Caps & bottles are sterilized by using hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). Afterwards, the sterilized product is filled into the bottles by means of a set of nozzles which never enter in contact with the bottle, thus avoiding any possible contamination. Caps are delivered under a constant sterilized air flow.

Other characteristics of the process involve fast product/bottle exchange timings, reduced usage of chemicals and avoiding the generation of waste-water. The filling machine can be operated with ease and counts with  a camera-inspection system in order to discard those bottles that have not been properly filled or capped. Cleaning the nozzles and pipes is fully atomated.

PET Packaging Network can provide aseptic filling equipment ranging from 500 to 10,000 bph. This allows those companies with a smaller production or highly focused in a very specific niche market, to introduce themselves in the market wuthout the need of excesive capital investments, and always keeping the flexibility in the packaging types or sizes.