PET Packaging Network

Eng. Javier Schiffino Solé

Project Manager for Central America

PET Packaging Network revolves around providing with integral solutions to the market’s needs. It has successfully obtained a high-performance team conformed by professionals with many years of experience in the industry.

Javier Schiffino, engineer, is an important asset to such team. He works from Costa Rica and covering the Central American region, in the implementation  of diverse projects.  His professsional background involves more than 20 years acting as Plant & Production Manager, including 12 years for PET packaging processes.

Why choosing Pet Packaging Network? He both believes & shares the company’s inner values and has seen in it the trustworthiness and soundness needed to support the project’s development.

“More than a supplier, we act as a strategic partner to our coustomers”

Under that motto, he provides with support as Project Manager, a position that implies a high degree of responsibility for it must clearly comprehend the customer’s needs and transform them into technical solutions, but always keeping a balance between the capital investment and the benefits offered. He gives his permanent support alongside the project’s development, technical analysis and final implementation.

Nevertheless, our commitment goes beyond all that. We work closely toghether with our customers during the provided equipment lifespan and arealways ready to offer new solutions to their emerging needs.