PET Packaging Network

Auxiliary equipment & efficiency

The plastic industry is continually evolving, what was aceptable years ago is not necessarily the best option nowadays as new breaktrhoughs (that can be in the form of auxiliary equipment, among others) often are capable of improving the existing technology.

This is why the correct selection of the auxiliary equipment to complement the plastic processing is vital, as it may increase the overall production efficiency by lowering the production times or  its costs. One of the groundbreaking companies in this field is the austrian firm Blue Air Systems, focusing its development into two different production techniques: Injection & Extrusion Molding.

As per Injection, the company offers compressed air resin dryers. This solution avoids using desiccant, guarantees a perfect drying process and features low cost of operation, with almost no need for mainteinance. Additionaly, Blue Air provides the equipment and mold enclosures to eliminate the air humidity, avoiding the mold’s condensation althoghether.

When talking about extrusion molding, the company developed innovative cooling systems for compressed air. This technology allows lowering the temperature of the bottles from within, reducing the cycle time which speeds up the production process, and avoiding the creation of stress in the material.

By working toghether with Blue Air Systems, PET Packaging Network is able to puts this technology at your disposal. We will gladly provide more information on this matter always keeping in mind the particularities of each company’s production processes.