PET Packaging Network

Bottling systems

When speaking of bottling systems, we refer to a very wide range of products to be bottled, therefore bottling solutions may differ significantly from each other according to the requirements of each particular product.

The type of container to be filled dictates the equipment to be used for it. We can work with filling machines for both bottles (PET or glass) and kegs (steel or plastic). This equipment can be used for bottling water, carbonated beverages, hot-fill or aseptic filling (juice, milk), beer, wine, spirits, ciders, oils, chemicals and others.

In fact, PET Packaging Network can provide European manufactured filling lines specially tailored to meet the customer needs. These machines can be either automatic or semi-automatic and work with speeds ranging from 600 to 50,000 bph depending on its characteristics and the product to be bottled.

A complete filling line may include a variety of equipment as required: rinsing, filling, capping, capping, washer-dryers, distributors, labeling, handle applicators and transport systems. Also, in cases where necessary, the possibility of developing turnkey projects can be done.