PET Packaging Network

Regional Technical Service

At the time of evaluating the purchase of new equipment, the possibility to also take into consideration foreign suppliers (Asian or European for example) allows to make more appropriate decisions, opting for better price & quality. However, this can result in a source of new challenges, such as overcoming the language barrier with the selected supplier.

In this context, one of the key aspects to consider is the fact that the technical support provided by the company is only available from Asia/Europe. If that were the case, it is important to consider the need to hire a translator, handle the visa’s process for the technicians, and keep in mind that sometimes the visit from the technician may take more time than it had been previously thought.

Being familiar with this situation, in PET Packaging Network we work with our very own team of technicians operating from Latin America & Africa offering quick support within the areas in which we operate. It is always recommendable to manage the new equipment commissioning with the original supplier’s technicians. Nonetheless, for every other need for tech support, we offer highly reliable technical service with our select group of engineers.