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CYPET Technologies to show their latest innovations at K2016

CYPET, the Cyprus-based Injection stretch blow molding machines manufacturer, will be showcasing their latest developments at this year’s K 2016 fair in Düsseldorf, Germany (HALL 14 / C58).

Foremost, the company will introduce the world’s two biggest 50 litre PET containers. We’ve covered these developments in our this blog here and here.

50l-beer-kegThe first is a 50 Litre beer keg capable of withstanding over 9 bar burst pressure, currently being produced in Australia on a CYPET K53 machine. This same machine is also capable of producing 30 Litre beer kegs as well as 35 Litre conical-shaped PET fermenters intended for home brewing.

50l-milk-containerThe second is a 50 Litre container used for transporting milk. It features a 180 mm neck diameter and unique moulded-in handles for easy carrying, and is currently in production in Kenya on a CYPET K38 machine. The machine also produces a smaller 20 Litre version of the container, sporting the same neck and handles.

In fact, CYPET’s largest machine model (K53) is capable of producing PET containers of up to 100 Litres. Such containers could replace HDPE drums, especially for single-trip applications, resulting in significant weight reduction, with the corresponding substantial savings in raw material cost.

innovative-handle-1In addition, the company will introduce their latest development: a revolutionary handle concept for PET bottles. This is a patent pending, incorporated PET handle for bottle sizes ranging from 1 to 30 Litres. The handle is moulded into the preform resulting in PET bottles that can successfully challenge their HDPE bottles counterparts.

innovative-handle-2With CYPET’s new handle concept, the bottle is produced ready with the handle in one step on a CYPET single-stage machine, eliminating both the need to separately mould handles from a different polymer and also the need for a second operation of feeding the handles into the blow moulds during production. Recycling is also made easier as bottle and handle are made from the same PET material.

Finally, CYPET will also show its new range of preform moulding systems, which incorporate an innovative post cooling system, making it ideal for thick preforms (up to 11mm) intended for large bottle sizes (5 – 30 Litres). This preform moulding system is based on an injection mould with two sets of cores and two post cooling stations with two sets of cooling tubes each. The preform moulding systems are available with 2, 4, 6 or 8 cavities.