PET Packaging Network

Wire mesh containers


When injecting preforms, either for own consumption or to provide to third parties, the problem of their storage arises. Traditionally there are two main alternatives, octabines or cardboard boxes placed over pallets (one-way, the container does not return to the manufacturer) or wire mesh containers (reusable alternative).

The wire mesh option consists of a metallic structure, with liners (plaques)  made out of polypropylene (PP) placed in its interior. These liners come in different colors and can be sold separately.

Among the advantages of the wire mesh containers over the octabines, we can mention the following:

  • Wire mesh containers are reusable (environmentally friendly and more attractive from a purely economic viewpoint).
  • Offer ease of use with lift trucks without the need for using pallets
  • Have an extended lifespan (between 3 to 5 years, depending on their usage).
  • They are collapsible which allows for saving space when they are not in use or when returned to the manufacturer.

Taking into consideration both alternatives, at PET Packaging Network we consider the wire mesh containers to be the best alternative, as long as it is not being considered for exports and the containers can be reused. If they were to be used for exports, it is important to plan the logistics for their return.

This container is already a part of our extense portfolio of solutions for the industry. It comes in standarized size (1.20 x 1.00 mts.), but they can be custom made according to the client’s needs, and their maximum capacity may vary.