PET Packaging Network

Hot runner spare parts

At PET Packaging Network, we can provide spare parts and Hot Runner components for injection equipment. This covers components for the injection equipment to manufacture preform and/or caps.

We have an extensive catalog that contains the parts needed for the Hot Runners of all major equipment manufacturers. These spare parts are totally interchangeable with the original ones and their price range is always kept at a lower level, making their replacement and investment more attractive from the customer’s point of view.

Some of the spare parts that we can offer are:

Valves and Cylinders
  • Valve bushings
  • Cylinders
  • Valve stem/pins
  • Nozzle tips
  • Nozzle tip insulators
  • Nozzle housing
  • Nozzle heaters
  • Nozzle thermocouples
Manifolds and Pistons
  • Manifold locator
  • Manifold thermocouples
  • Pistons
  • Piston seals
  • Sprue heater
  • Sprue thermocouples
  • Back spacer
  • Spacer/piston retainer

In addition, custom solutions can be developed to manufacture the components required for any type of Hot Runner available, even for those used with unconventional machines. In these cases, it is necessary to send the samples to the manufacturer for their analysis and subsequent quotation.