PET Packaging Network

Introducing FBN, Food & Beverage Processing Solutions

PET Packaging Network was an ambitious project conceived five years ago, which gradually grew to become the company that it is today. We committed to carefully selecting and developing our suppliers and offering complete solutions in the beverage and packaging industry.


Today we decided to take a leap forward, and deploy the next step to our original plan introducing FBN: Food & Beverage Processing Network, a brand dedicated to serving the F&B processing industry. FBN is a long-term project which will act as a sister brand of PPN, working together and complementing each other.

Food & Beverage Processing Network will have its web site hosted at and seeks to expand the supply of equipment and solutions to the food & beverage processing and packaging industry in general. Currently, the website is not complete, while we arrange the products and put together a proposal as consistent as possible.

FPN-projectAs PPN continued to grow and develop, we have always sought to expand our product portfolio. In fact, some of the solutions we currently offer belong more to the food and beverage processing industry, thus FBN aims to provide the framework to better distribute our products.

However, apart from solving those situations, we have other suppliers exclusive to this new area which we will be presenting through this channel in the near future. We are already fully capable of serving your production needs in this new field. We encourage our clients to contact us if you have any need or concern on the matter.

At the same time we want to emphasize the fact that PPN will continue to operate as usual and offering the same level of service that has characterized us until today. FBN only seeks to complement its offer, extending the range of solutions at disposition and providing our customers the best service available.