PET Packaging Network

Labelling equipment

When it comes to labelling machines for packaging, there are three main types of labelling solutions:

  • Wrap-around labelling
  • Self-adhesive labelling
  • Shrink-sleeve labelling

Wrap-around refers to traditional wrapping labels that must be applied to the container with a hot-melt glue. Initially, these labels were made from paper (currently used in PET bottles for coffee, for example), but have since been gradually replaced by Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (or BOPP) labels. BOPP labels are those used in most soft drink bottles on the market, and offer benefits such as moisture/scratch resistance, ease of printing and high transparency.

Self-adhesive labels, on the other hand, do not require additional glue since the label material itself incorporates the adhesive. This allows for simpler and space-saving machines. Machines of this type will vary, depending on the surface on which the label will be applied and its positioning, or if 1 or 2 sided labels are required. These types of labels are used in higher value-added products such as wine bottles or oils.

Finally, shrink sleeve labels are a type of sleeve or tube-type label that is applied over the container and then shrunk when passing through a steam tunnel or electric oven. They are widely used in energy drinks, cold infusions drinks or yoghurts. Its positioning can cover the full-body of the bottle or part of it. In the latter case, it can be positioned very precisely (on the shoulder of the bottle, for example). This type of equipment can also position the label on the neck of the bottle and cap as a safety band to verify that the product has not been tampered.

At PET Packaging Network, we can provide labeling equipments from Asia, be it manual, semi-automatic or automatic. Our extensive catalogue of products and solutions includes supplying all equipment and machinery within the production line, from preform and bottle manufacturing to end-of-line equipment and auxiliaries.