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Large capacity PET containers for dairy products

This post was originally published on March 2015. Updated on August 2016.

Recently CYPET, a Cyprus established company specialized in injection-stretch-blowing machines (ISBM) capable of working with a wide range of form factors and sizes, reached an understanding with a client from Kenya who was looking for an alternative to produce reusable large capacity containers for the recollection of milk from the farms to the milk plants. Having evaluated the available options, they finally decided for a K38 machine to produce containers of 20 and 50 liters capacity.

The K38 Injection-blowing machine as the one being purchased in this case is a powerful piece of equipment capable of producing bottles and containers up to 60 liters capacity. This achievement is worthy of mention given the fact that there are no other machines with the capability of producing PET bottles with a higher capacity than 30 liters currently in the market.

In this case, the 20 and 50 liter PET containers are intended to be used for collecting milk from the farms to processing plant, however, it may be used for other applications to be bottled in large capacity containers (Industrial Chemicals, Oils, Sugar Syrups, etc.)

As per their design, they feature an injected handle into the neck and a finish of 180 mm with an HDPE cap. Furthermore, when referring to the amount of PET material used, we ought to mention that their weight in PET will be always underneath the weight in HDPE that would be necessary to produce such container for this same application. Both the machine & its molds are currently being manufactured, but they received the client’s final approval.

This information is intended to be illustrative as to show the type of bottles & containers that can be achieved through these injection-blowing machines, but it is important to keep in mind that if needed a personalized product development can be done through a collaboration between PET Packaging Network and CYPET in order to meet the clients needs.

UPDATE on 08/12/2016:

Below you can see the machine working on these large containers. The GIF shows the production process from 2 different angles, or by playing the video further below you’ll be able to see all its media content.