PET Packaging Network

One-time-use plastic pallets for exports

As we’ve stated before, plastic pallets have many advantages over their traditional wooden equivalents.

In fact, by making them one-time-use they become an interesting alternative for exports because its light weight makes them ideal for air cargo. Additionally, their use is exempt from the application of international standards ISPM 15, which restrict the use of wood packaging.

Acknowledging the value that such developments deliver to the industry, at PET Packaging Network we continue pushing their adoption in the Food & Beverage industries by offering our customers a wide range of solutions.

These pallets are available in various weights, colors and designs to suit the application required. They can accommodate different loads, may be customized by silk printing or engraving a logo, and their material is highly recyclable, thus making it a more environmentally friendly alternative to the use of wooden pallets.

There are many models available and if necessary, they can be custom-made to meet the specific needs of a particular project (e.g.: weight, static load, dynamic load, racks, reinforced, etc.).0