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Technoplan OVR10 temperature controllers

Technoplan Engineering, a Swiss company specialized in energy-saving solutions for blowing equipment, has been widening its product portfolio to high-efficiency valves and spare parts for Sidel, Krones and Sipa machines.

In line with such efforts, the company has been offering repairs for the old Olicorp PWR and IRS systems used by Sidel Universal series machines. Due to the dissolution of the company (Olicorp), these units were lacking technical support. Technoplan employed former Olicorp workers and got original parts to provide maintenance.

More recently, Technoplan has launched its own solution (the new Technoplan OVR10 controllers), which can effectively replace both Olicorp PWR and IRS equipment.

These OVR10 units are offered with a two-years warranty, and were based on the original Olicorp systems. This way, they can be exchanged without the need to make any physical or software modifications on the machine (as opposed to other solutions in the market).

Furthermore, the OVR10 controllers use standard fuses, to protect the electronical power card against short circuits of up to a 100 kA. The original Olicorp units could not handle a short circuit above 6 kA, as the breaker could not hold such intensity, and the power card would burn. In contrast, a short circuit inside OVR will only burn the fuse, which can be replaced within 2 minutes, and 10 fuses are included in the OVR10 box.

OVR10 units can succesfully replace temperature controllers on many other brands of blowing machines as well. The equipment is identical to that of the OVR10 offered for Sidel machines, however the internal software is exchanged to a standard version, for compatibility with SMI, Tech-Long, ADS, Serac, Bosch/Tecsor & Bottop blowers among others.

PET Packaging Network, in partnership with Technoplan Engineering, is already available to take orders for these new oven regulation units. Right now, the availability of the OVR10 controllers depends on the manufacturing times (it may take up to 6-8 weeks), but stock availability is expected in the future to reduce the delivery times.

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