PET Packaging Network

The rise of craft beer

In the past years, there has been a global trend that favors traditional manufacturing, above standardized mass production. In the food and beverage industries, ‘bio’ and artisan products are well sought, and this is also reflected in the beer brewing industry, seeking to rescue authentic and traditional flavours.

Thus, small producers are promoting to return to the artisanal beer. There’s a ‘booming’ of these premium beverages, favoring the appearance of numerous microbreweries. Through innovative processes and the rescue of old traditions, these manufacturers opt for alternative beers, incorporating novel flavors such as honey and fruit varieties.

New artisan beers still account for a small percentage of the global industry (about 3%), but are already showing a much faster growth rate. In the United States, for example, around 15% of the beer consumed is artisanal.

Recently, these small breweries started to invest in technology, opening more advanced factories allowing a bigger production. After this increment in their production capacity, brewers are working on their distribution, equipment, sales and advertising channeld, transforming their business to accommodate the increase in their demand.

In view of these developments, and recognizing the importance of growing and getting the product to more people, at PET Packaging Network we would like to make ourselves available to any manufacturer looking into growing their business. Our offer includes solutions such as complete systems for the production of beer (hot and cold stages starting from 30L), or the provision of ‘kegs’ made out of PET (complete with their valve systems) offering great advantages for export in comparison with traditional aluminum or steel kegs.