PET Packaging Network

A Word From Our Director

PET Packaging Network was born as a family entrepreneurial project on March 19th, 2010. Its objective was to become a company dedicated to the PET packaging industry offering consulting and project development both in Europe as in Latin America.

After being operational for 4 years, we can offer a personal service to our clients, providing them with the equipment for producing bottles; raw materials; recycling systems; bottling and beverage production systems. We are a highly professional team and work toghether with multiple partners covering the region as well as technical support in Latin America. Being present in 5 countries we can deliver a quality service in the hispanic speaking countries and we have successfully seen through more than 50 projects, internationally.

In behalf of PET Packaging Network we would like to extend our gratitude for your trust in us all this years and we hope to continue working toghether in the future.


Francisco F. Lascano