PET Packaging Network

About Us

Through integration with leader companies in each sector, we can offer PET resin, preforms, Machinery and molds.

 Based in more than 20 years’ experience from our highly professional staff, we offer the development and advice to make your projects a reality.


Mission Statement

Provide advice and solutions to companies operating within the food and beverage packaging industry in general and PET packaging or similar products in particular, working together with our customers to provide those alternatives that best suit their production’s needs.

Vision Statement

To be considered the company to bear in mind when satifying the needs that arise in day to day basis as business grows and expands its potential; acting as a strategic partner to our customers. Working as a node between suppliers and producers so that through our actions we create value for one and other.To set in contact supplier with companies needing their services; and producers with the supplier that best fits their specific needs at that moment.

Corporate Values

To cultivate human relationships based on trust and mutual respect; to develop business with honesty & loyalty; to create shared value to all our customers, suppliers and strategic partners; and to express a commitment towards the environment and future generations.