PET Packaging Network

Eng. Jorge Mario Almazán

Partner in Central America

More than 27 years of experience in plastic’s transformation processes acting as Technical Director & CEO for companies in the industry make him an authority when speaking of the technical knowledge and know-how in production processes for plastic caps, HDPE bottles, PC bottles and PET bottles and preforms.

Today the electric engineer Jorge Mario Almazán Berthet is both funding partner and Director of Effective Packaging Solutions, a company created with the main objective of serving the plastic’s and the Food & Beverages’ industries altoghether offering his expertise in consulting, providing raw materials, machinery and equipments.

“I’ve known Francisco Lascano for around 12 years know; we have built a commercial alliance with PET Packaging Network with whom we work toghether in order to build sinergies, this way being able to provide the best service available to our customers.”