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Energy-saving systems for blowing machines

Technoplan Engineering, original from Switzerland, is one of the industry’s major providers of energy-efficient solutions for PET blowing machines. The company history goes back 20 years and accounts for more than a thousand implementations of their systems in blowing machines worldwide.

Its main product are their proprietary systems for air recycling in the blowing process: ARS, ARS+ y ARS+ Full. It allows to reutilize the recovered air to perform machinery movements, pre-blowing, and/or the first stage of the blowing process; depending on the machine, plant’s production and plant’s air grid. Tus, the expected efficiency in air recovery may vary but should be around a 50%.

Moreover, the company also provides Technoplan’s oven energy optimization systems (TOEO), allowing to reduce the electric consumption of the oven lamps up to a 25%, by means of using high performance ceramic reflectors.

PET Packaging Network acting as a representative of Technoplan, bring this technology at your disposal.