PET Packaging Network

HDPE Handles for PET containers

At PET Packaging Network, we work towards the goal of helping our clients through all the stages involved in packaging development. Going from the design, provision of molds, resins, preforms, caps, machinery and auxiliaries. This also includes the development of handles, their provision and applicators.

In this sense, we are able to offer the provision of HDPE handles for PET bottles and large containers. If it is a standard pre-existing format available today in the market, we can find the model that best fits the customer’s needs.

However, if it were a new development, or a model that needs to be adapted, the handle molds could also be manufactured in China at an affordable cost. This way, the customers can produce the handles at their plant, or leave the molds in China and order their supply directly from there. In such situations, manufacturing prices tend to be more attractive if the molds were to remain in China.

Additionally, we can offer the handle applicator equipment together to ensure 100% compatibility with the required handles, thus avoiding any conflicts or incompatibilities during production.