PET Packaging Network

Injection machines

In the plastic packaging industry (be it PET or HDPE), manufacturing is based on 3 fundamental processes: Injection, Blowing, (or Injection-blowing) and Extrusion. Its through the injection process that preforms, lids, handles, and many other products are obtained. By means of an injection machine (with its respective molds) the resin pellets are converted into a product with any desired shape.

There are both conventional and high-speed PET injection machines. The difference lies in the post-cooling robot, present in the high-speed machines and which allows for a sizeable reduction of the production cycle by decreasing time spent in the cooling stage.

Conventional machines, on the other hand, do not have the post-cooling system, but can provide the benefit of reduced costs best fit for low demand productions.

HDPE injection machines, however, are mostly used for the production of screw caps. These caps can have a tamper evident ring made by the same injection process, or through a subsequent cutting process.

By using HDPE injection machines, handles, baskets, buckets or plastic pallets can also be manufactured. The size of the machine varies depending on the size of the product to manufacture.

PET Packaging Network, is able to offer all of these injection machines types. This includes new equipment of Chinese origin, from the simplest and most economical to the most complex and high production capable. Used machines from various manufacturers and international brands can also be supplied.