PET Packaging Network

ECO friendly paper based disposable products

Today’s market for single-use plastic products is facing increasing regulations all around the world.

To face this panorama there are different options available: using recycled materials, biodegradable resins or manufacturing products in more environmentally friendly materials.

One such material is paper, and products made from this material are seeing a resurgence in the marketplace because of the environmental benefits it provides.

At PET Packaging Network we are seeing a growing interest in these products, whether in the form of disposable cups, plates or straws. All these products can be made in standard white or craft colours, and may include logos or graphics if required. In the case of paper straws, the bendable part can be shaped, just as in the case of traditional straws.

We are already working on the provision of this technology and can provide all the necessary equipment for the start-up of a production line of these characteristics.