PET Packaging Network

PET recycling

PET is a non-renewable resource and it plays a major role in the production of packaging solutions for water, carbonated soft drinks and other beverages. Hence, the importance of recycling this material in order to reach a sustainable economy. It is under this framework that many governments have begun to regulate the recycling of residues and the usage of a minimum percentage of recycled material in the production stages.

By recycling PET, savings can be achieved through both the reduction in the amount of virgin resin needed, and from a taxative point of view in places where regulations exist to this purpose. It also means a leverage to the public image of the company making it more eco-friendly and responsible towards the environment.

Through an adequate transformation process, the resin to be recycled becomes bottle grade resin ensuring its complete purification and therefore allowing it to be injected or blown into bottles.

PET Packaging Network can provide this technology to its costomers and will be more than willing to prepare an offer that is best suited to your needs.