PET Packaging Network

Recycled PP/PE hollow sheets or panels

From PET Packaging Network (PPN) we are always looking for new equipment and technology proposals that provide value and solutions to our customers. In this sense, today we are introducing a manufacturing line of hollow sheets made of recycled plastic, polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP).

For the manufacturing process, it is possible to use recycled plastic in its entirety or to make the outer surfaces (top and bottom) in virgin material. Both options have their benefits, since using 100% recycled material makes it easier to meet the quotas for the use of recycled material that are being imposed according to the regulations of each region. On the other hand, using virgin material for the outer layers results in a sandwich panel with a cleaner looking appearance and improved aesthetics, which is preferable in some applications.

These hollow sheets or panels can effectively replace panels that are traditionally made of wood, such as multi-laminate, chipboard, plywood, or OBS. In addition, they can be handled with the same tools used in conventional woodworking, having applications in the construction, packaging and other industries.

The photo above shows a 15 mm thick plate used in construction, for formwork. This plate has recycled material in the center and virgin material in the outer layers.
In any case, the line can be designed according to the customer’s requirements for the final product, both in terms of thickness, width, material or additives (color, UV filter, etc.). If you are interested in our equipment for the manufacture of this type of products, please do not hesitate to contact us.