PET Packaging Network

Canned beverage packaging

From beers or sodas to isotonic or energy drinks, the can has become an interesting market in the beverage industry.

Even today there are those who prefer this type of packaging, given the increasing restrictions and uncertainties to which the use of plastic in disposable containers is exposed. Against this scenario, the packaging of drinks by using cans is a very real option to take into account.

However, the utilization of cans makes specific equipment necessary, whether for filling, washing or lidding.

At PET Packaging Network, we have been working together with companies in Asia for some time now, being able to offer complete can lines, according to our customers’ requirements. It is possible to work from small lines to more complex ones. From the depalletizing of empty cans to the palletizing of the final product ready for distribution, being able to incorporate pasteurization systems, among other equipment.

At the same time, we can also study the possibility of supplying complete cans with their lids.