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Craft beer maintains global growth

In 2019, the craft beer market continues to grow. Microbreweries are still having an important moment in today’s beer market, making a wide range of beers available to consumers. The beers brewed through artisan processes, with more natural ingredients and higher quality, as well as the constant search for different flavors and original styles have made small breweries a global phenomenon.

Recognizing the work of these companies and the challenges they face when competing with large corporations, we have decided to prepare a modest catalogue of technology and solutions that we can make available to our customers.

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The rise of craft beer

In the past years, there has been a global trend that favors traditional manufacturing, above standardized mass production. This trend is also reflected in the beer brewing industry, seeking to rescue authentic and traditional flavours.

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Beer and alcohol manufacturing

Beer production is basically a two-stage process, consisting of a hot stage, where the grain is cooked, and a cold stage, where fermentation takes place.

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Ingredients for the production of beer

Today, we can also offer the ingredients for brewing beers. The grain can be supplied from abroad, being able to offer different varieties according to the preferences of each client.

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Canned beverage packaging

From beers or sodas to isotonic or energy drinks, the can has become an interesting market in the beverage industry.

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Bottling systems

When speaking of bottling systems, we refer to a very wide range of products to be bottled, therefore bottling solutions may differ significantly from each other according to the requirements of each particular product.

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CYPET develops innovative Beer Keg out of PET

CYPET Technologies showcased a new and innovative beer keg made out of PET during the Brau Beviale 2018. It is called the Zeg, an ultra-light weight keg made of 100% recyclable material. This development was conceived to become the new standard in PET beer kegs.

At PET Packaging Network we focus on providing both production and packaging technology for small and medium enterprises, being able to offer equipment specially sized according to the requirements of each operation. 

If interested in this type of beer production and/or packaging equipment, or in the need to expand the current plant to accommodate a growing demand, do not hesitate to contact us.