PET Packaging Network

Separators for energy saving during freezing process

Separators or spacers for frozen products are used in various sectors during the food and beverage manipulation process. They are manufactured in High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and favor a quick cooling of the packaged product.

By placing separators in between the different layers of stacked product on pallets, refrigeration time can be reduced by around 30%. This results in equivalent energy savings. The space between each layer of food or drink allows cold air to circulate through the load more efficiently.

These separators also help reduce water accumulation during the unfreezing process. In addition, their stackable design allows for easy in-plant storage and they can be washed for later re-utilization.

PET Packaging Network, Food & beverage Processing NetworkAt PET Packaging Network (PPN), operating together with Food & Beverage Processing Network (FBN), we can offer these products from Asia or Europe through our trusted network of suppliers in each region. The separators can be manufactured in 100% virgin resin or with a percentage of recycled material according to each customer’s requirements.